11 of the Most Awesome Tools for Content Marketing

We do tons of content marketing at Foster and Arkenea. You can find out articles in Inc, The Huffington Post, Forbes, VentureBeat, Entrepreneur, The Next Web, Business Insider and many more publications. And of course, we have our own blogs as well. We live and breathe content.

So take it from us when we list the following tools as some of the most awesome ones that have helped us acquire users and build a brand. All of these have worked for us and we want to share the awesomeness with you as well, to help you succeed in your content marketing efforts.

Content Ideas

1. Google Keyword Planner: the Google keyword tool helps you with suggestions about the most popular keywords in your industry or the topic that you intend to write. This will help you write articles with those keywords that are searched the most on Google, in the headline as well as the body copy.

2. BuzzSumo: a great tool to identify what content is working well in your industry and who the influencers are. This insight is extremely useful to find out what sort of content is favored by the audience so you could focus or add value writing on those topics.

3. Portent’s Content Idea Generator: on those days when you’re staring at the wall with a blank mind, not sure what to write about, this tool comes as a savior. Just put in your keyword (s) or a word or two about the topic you want to write on, and you get a number of title ideas. Go on, give it a shot, it’s free!

Content Organizing

4. Evernote: inspiration could come from just about anything, anywhere. Which means, you may not be at your desk when a content idea strikes. To put all your ideas and thoughts at one place, use the free app Evernote. It’s available across all platforms so seamlessly syncs what you record on your iPhone or Android phone while on the go with when you’re at your desk on your laptop.

5. Apple Notes: for a more basic utility that gets the job done, you could even use Notes to sync between your iOS and Apple computer. This is a default application in all your Apple devices so you don’t even need to download a separate application. Simply turn the iCloud feature on for Notes to sync between devices.

Content Crafting

Content Crafting Tools

6. Contently: this tool helps your business to work with high-quality freelance writers and the platform also provides insights on how to improve the quality of your content over a period of time to deliver business results.

7. Canva: images tell the story far better than words. If you want to create amazing images or graphic design for your blog or presentations, Canva offers an easy to use tool with drag and drop interface to create high-quality images. It has a great repository of icon and image resources too.

8. VideoScribe: create whiteboard-style animated videos for your blog. The interface is so simple that anyone can use to create videos without any technical knowledge. You can also create explainer videos for your product or service or for highlighting the key points in your article.

Content Discovery and Distribution

9. Foster: this tool handles both, content discovery and distribution. Curated content forms the maximum part of a content marketing mix. Foster helps you discover relevant content that your audience loves to read. You can share or schedule updates on social media, right from the platform. You can also create an email newsletter with amazing links to articles (content) in Foster.

10. Slideshare: this tool doesn’t necessarily feature among the tools for content marketing, but is one of the greatest to get you traction. Use your current articles to create slides/presentations or create a completely new one. Either way, presentations will pull in visitor views to your blog or website.

11. YC’s Hacker News: a great platform to share your original content with the community of entrepreneurs and engineers to engage in a discussion and get feedback. Of course, you get traction as well. Similarly, there is also GrowthHackers and Inbound.

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