How To Use Content To Nurture Leads And Increase Sales

Nurture Leads

As a startup or a small business, you’re most often pressed for time and/or money while marketing your product or service. You aren’t alone, though. Even large enterprises with big marketing teams are facing a challenge with content marketing.

The good news is that unlike large enterprises, you don’t need a marketing professional to tell you who your target audience is and what do they love to read.

So now, since this is out of the way, let’s address the bigger issue at hand.

How do you use content to nurture your leads and increase sales? All you need to do is to efficiently incorporate content into your marketing mix.

While you’re doing that, content creation and promotion can consume your day, if you let it. For promotion purposes, what you create may not be enough to be shared with your audience multiple times a day, every single day. And that is the reason why numerous publications exist that create content day in and day out that you can leverage.

There are two key channels where you can find your audience – social media and email. Let’s take a look at how to leverage these channels.

Social Media

Social media is the trickiest to handle. ROI is not well defined, unless you measure specific metrics. And you cannot build a brand using social media unless you’re present there, sharing and interacting.

Even if you’re creating your own content, it will not be enough to sustain your social media presence. And that is where you use curated content to share across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Social media is a ghost for those that haven’t yet exploited it to its fullest potential. The starting point, though, is to be present, consistently. You cannot expect to drive traction from your audience if you are sporadic about your updates.

When you start sharing updates keeping in mind your target audience, you start to attract more and more users who are interested in learning. This medium helps in generating leads and click-through to your website.


This age-old medium to communicate hasn’t had better competitor as yet. It still is by far the most effective means of getting your message across. In fact, there are 7-figure businesses built solely on the back of email marketing.

Every business generates leads to grow. The trick to increase conversions from them is to offer content that is of value to them without a plug about your company’s service or product.

You need to keep your leads engaged with your company so that when they’re ready to buy, the first thing that pops up in their mind is your product or service.

You’re essentially seeding your brand in their minds by nurturing and keeping them engaged. So what do you do? Create and send regular emailers with content of interest to your leads. Adding value to them life and in business will help you build credibility and increase conversions.

How Do You Consistently Find And Share Content?

That was precisely our challenge at Nutringly. We were spending far to much time looking for content everywhere on the Internet and then sorting through the relevant articles to share.

This was too tedious even when using RSS readers such as Feedly. We thus built a product for ourselves and quickly discovered that many others have similar challenges.

And so we’re opening up the gates to everyone who finds it time consuming to search for relevant content. Foster makes it easier to find content that is relevant to your audience and share it with them via social media and email.

With a 14-day free trial, you can start engaging your audience and converting more leads to sales today.

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